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Science vs. Maths: Which should be considered the best?


Which is the best field? Is it science or maths? There has always been competition between various subjects. We have had a lot of subjects since our days of schooling and if there is one conflict that has always existed is the fight between science and math. For some reason, people love to make that a quarrel and come to a conclusion as to whether science is better or maths is better. In a large scale, people say that science and maths are to an extent intertwined. So what brewing? Let us make a detailed discussion.

The general arguments:

A take on maths:

I have heard a lot of people say that maths is more important than science as a subject as that has better scope and learning. This is the priority that you have been asked to give in the school days. But isn’t maths nothing more than science in the numerical form. To an extent, I would say that maths is more logical. Because even today there are a lot of concepts in science that cannot be proved. But maths never exists without proof, and anything without proof is shunned out of the mathematical arena. This is the factor that gives an added advantage to the subject.

A take on science:


However, on the other hand, without science, you will never understand a bit about anything in the world. You might not use integration and correlation in your future. But every bit of science that you learn has a lot of chances of being applied. This application advantage and the relatability that you have with science makes it better than maths any day.

The truth:

Maths is considered as the queen of science. Nevertheless, science and that fact cannot be denied. To understand this better, we will have to see what science is. Science is nothing but an organised and systematic body of knowledge. This means that any subject that is systematic and organised can be put into science and what can be more convincingly organised than Mathematics. This helps us come to a conclusion that maths is nothing but a part of science. So this makes science greater? Maybe not that as well. Because to prove the existence of a lot of theories in science we have to get the help of maths. So what you call the truth of science cannot exist without the help of maths.

A large number of the greatest people that the history remembers where both mathematicians and scientist. This was possible as they saw no difference between the subjects. They took the assistance of the other subject when the thought that the one they are handling right now is not working their way. People like Archimedes, Galileo Galilei, and Da Vinci himself were experts in both the fields and they knew much more than we can believe.


It’s fair to take a neutral stand:

So to conclude on the topic science versus maths, it would be fair to take a neutral stand as maths can science cannot exist without each other and it would be difficult to prove a lot of theories in either subject if maths and science do not correlate. So we have to swallow the pride and get to terms with reality. Maths an organised science and science is nothing more than it numerical form.

Science vs. Religion- Which should you believe?

science and religious

Science and religion have always had theories that are polar opposites. Many people are cashing in on this situation and diverting the trust and attention of the people for their personal advantage, Religion is something that we find sentimental and we closely attached to it. The more religious you are, the higher are the chances that you might get easily instigated to oppose science. Science if the new God of the enlightened ones and the ones that we have seen our religious books, scripts and doctrines are nothing more than fiction. However, this is not the truth. Without taking into consideration a lot of facts that matter, it wouldn’t be wise to drop down to a conclusion. So here are some of the facts that we have to analyse.

God is invisible, but science is visible:

God is invisible. Nobody has ever had a conscious encounter with God, and even if someone has ever had it, it is not easy to evidence that fact. But the elements of science are not just visible, but it has also given the platform to prove a lot of invisible theories. That is where science takes the lead. God is invisible, but so is love and many other feelings. So shall we come to a conclusion that they do not exist?

The creation of earth:


Both the enlightened ones and the pious ones give us the theory that there is some force that is absolutely phenomenal and it is that force that created the earth. While a few people are calling it God, the rest are calling it science and have named it the Big Bang theory. Great people right from Einstein to Stephen Hawking have their take on the Big Bang theory and have contributed a lot to the development of the theory. They say it was created out of force and that something cannot come out of nothing. Yes, that is what we are saying, ‘it was God who created it’ says the religious.

Science has the power to create something out of nothing, but not as organised like the way we see the world. Science can make chemical reactions happen but not in an organised as it would turn out when a chemist handles it. This is what forces us to believe that there is truth in what the religions believe.

Persecution in the name of religion:

Yes, it is true that there was persecution in the name of science. But it is not simply because religious people believed that science could disrupt the harmony of the religion. It was because of the fact that amateurish scientists had great chances of spreading blasphemy. Instead of helping people understand the facts of science, they started spreading the word that God never did and shall never exist. To put this out, yes there were killings in the name of religion and shall always be a black mark.


The ideal way to see the difference:

The ideal way to see this difference is that we have to believe the ideals of both science and religion. We will have to see religion through the eyes of science. Science is nothing but an earthly theory to prove the existence of God. If science said that man came from apes, why aren’t we seeing that evolution today? Even today science cannot explain this. You can call it an evolution that ceased to move further but that would be a blunt explain and still give brownie points to religion at the end of the day. That argument would take you nowhere.



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